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Perinatal Anxiety and Depression

The decision to have a child is a monumental one. Sometimes that decision surprises us and sometimes, even after the decision is made, it takes a long time to reach fruition. Along the way there can be a lot of pain and suffering leaving you riding an emotional rollercoaster.

Sometimes with all the planning that goes into the conception of a child, we find ourselves not ready to share our lives with a child. There is a lot of uncertainty around becoming pregnant and having a baby. It’s not surprising then that so many of us are vulnerable to difficulties around this time. Those with mental health challenges may find their issues exacerbated.

At times the reality of the pregnancy, birth or even having a baby can be far different to one’s expectations. The birth may be different from what you wanted. Breastfeeding can be complicated. Sleep deprivation can be unexpectedly challenging. Relationships need to adjust with a new little person in the household. You may not be getting the support you want or need.

Having a safe place to talk through your issues can make the difference and allow you to develop skills and strategies to make profound and life-changing transformations. Because at the end of the day, we all want to be the best parent we can be.