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Fees & Rebates

A standard psychological therapy session is scheduled for 50 minutes.

  • Our clinical psychologists charge $390 for an initial consultation (90 minutes) and $260 per subsequent session (50 minutes).
  • Our general psychologists and clinical psychology registrars charge $375 for an initial consultation (90 minutes) and $250 per subsequent session (50 minutes).

All fees are subject to annual review and increment on 1st July each year.  Fees are charged for reports and letters and for any correspondence that is required by external parties.

Please see our cancellation policy below, as fees are charged in the event of cancellations or appointments that have been scheduled but not attended.


Medicare Rebate and a Mental Health Care Plan

Medicare rebates are available for those who have a Mental Health Care Plan.  To obtain a Mental Health Care Plan you will need to visit your GP or medical specialist (Paediatrician or Psychiatrist).  A Mental Health Care Plan allows for up to 10 individual therapy sessions and up to 10 group sessions per calendar year.  A review from your GP or medical specialist is required after 6 sessions, this will then allow you to access the next 4 sessions.

For more information please visit this site:

If you have high annual healthcare costs, you should be aware that the out-of-pocket gap counts toward the Medicare safety net.

We are able to offer Medicare easy claims, meaning that this rebate will be directed into your account on the day of your session.  Medicare usually makes these transfers immediately, but they can take up to 48 hours to be processed by your bank.

The Medicare rebate for seeing a clinical psychologist is $137.05 per individual session.

The Medicare rebate for seeing a general psychologist or a clinical psychology registrar is $93.35 per individual session.

Medicare introduced telehealth items during the COVID-19 pandemic, which have now been made permanent. This means that you can request a telehealth appointment at any time, and still receive a Medicare rebate. 


Private Health Insurance Rebates

Please contact your insurance provider for information as to whether your policy covers for psychological therapy, and ask about the rebates (and rules) that may apply.



Our psychologists are not registered providers with the NDIS but can accept NDIS clients who self-manage their funds.


Financial Distress

For clients experiencing financial hardship or distress, it may be possible to reduce the fee’s charged. Please discuss this directly with your psychologist prior to your initial appointment.



Please note that psychological therapy services are exempt from GST.

All psychological services provided for a third party (e.g. meetings, report writing, supervision) attract GST (10%) and no rebates can be claimed (e.g. private health, Medicare Better Access Care Plans).


COVID-19 Policy

We have clear policy for COVID-19 appointment disruptions.  This will be emailed to you at the point of booking an appointment with us.  You can request to see this policy (irrespective of whether you have booked an appointment with us) at any time.


Cancellation Policy:

Our policy in relation to cancellation or late rescheduling of appointments is very important to know.  Rescheduling an appointment with less than 48 hours notice is considered a cancellation, and therefore our cancellation policy applies.  Understanding our cancellation policy will ensure that you can avoid cancellation fees.


We require 48 hours’ notice (or more) to reschedule or cancel a session without you incurring any fees.  This allows us to offer the allocated time to another client or family who may be on a cancellation list, or who may be on a waiting list for an appointment.

  • Cancellations within 24-48 hours will incur a $70 fee.
  • Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice (or non-attendance at a scheduled appointment) will incur a fee equivalent to 50% of the full fee.

Our cancellation policy and fees are in place because when appointments are booked, the appointment time is reserved especially for you or your family.

To cancel or reschedule an appointment, you may email or call us at any time, even after hours.


Phone: (07) 3846 4554

This number will have a voicemail service that allows you to leave a message.  We will return your email or call as soon as possible.