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Clinical supervision

The Moore Centre is able to offer supervision to psychologists at various stages of their professional careers.  All supervisors are approved by the Psychology Board of Australia and can provide supervision to registered psychologists and clinical psychology registrars, as well as provisional psychologists studying under a higher degree program, 5+1 internship, and 4+2 internship. All our supervisors provide guidance in self-reflective practice and professional development, while providing the highest quality professional skills and knowledge.

Provisional psychologists who are interested in undertaking an externship within the Centre as part of their postgraduate training are encouraged to contact us to discuss options.

In addition to providing one-on-one professional supervision, the Centre hosts a warm and encouraging peer-supervision program for psychologists working within the fields of anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder and related disorders.  Supervision topics are led by need, and include:

  • Development of therapeutic skills and knowledge
  • Case conceptualisation and formulation
  • Case-based discussion
  • Understanding and working with clients who struggle with change
  • Support with ethical issues, such as confidentiality and maintaining professional boundaries
  • Development of techniques for self-care, stress management and prevention of burnout